Lots of gluten free options, meals, baked goods and cakes.

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  • Allergen Free speciality food is available
  • Non-Allergen Free food is also served
  • Allergen Free food is not Clearly Labelled
  • The kitchen has a higher risk of cross contamination
  • Low number of Allergen Free Confirmations
  • Staff Rating: No Knowledge
  • Customer Satisfaction Rating: Poor


I´m visiting Berlin and read this place had gluten free options. After having lunch today I got sick with gluten (I was throwing up about 1.5-2 hours later), this only happens when I eat gluten gluten in large quantity, not only cross contamination.
I think it was the sweet potato soup, but i also had one of their raw gluten free cakes and the rice bun. :(

18 Apr 2016

I love the gluten free rice buns here, and they have a great gluten free and vegan cake selection. The prices are really reasonable and the variety of options is nice. My one complaint is that when they serve "gluten free" meals, they sometimes serve it with a bread/sauce that is not gluten free.

03 Apr 2016

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