Gluten Free Soups with bread from Jüte Bakery, salads and usually a main meal option.

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Our visit was very very good. We had a gluten free sandwich and it was such a cozy place and excellent service. She went on to recomend other places as Well, which was nice. I Can easily recomend visiting no58.

12 Jul 2016

I have eaten here a few times and each time was quite delicious. There aren't many places in Berlin where celiacs can eat freely, so this is a welcome addition to Berlin's GF scene. They do serve regular bread, so gluten is present, but I was told by the owners (one of whom is gluten intolerant) that the bread is stored and cut in separate places. Most of the desserts - ranging from cookies and brownies to cakes and pies, depending on the day - are gluten-free, and vegan as well. The Stulle options are lovely, but I've had one bigger than my hand and another half the size of my palm, so there are major discrepancies with how much food you are going to get. If service was a bit more swift and options more plentiful, this would be a five-star spot. The girls who run the place are very sweet and, being an avid baker myself, I can say that every dessert I've had was seriously impressive.

16 Nov 2015

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